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Post by WildCherry on April 12th 2009, 12:52 pm

late last night as i was workin on treens new grandbaby blankie. i hear A VERY LOUD CRASH out side. fallowed by some unmentionable grumbles and words only in a sailors dictionary.

now i wasnt expecting any one at the home much less for some one of this vile of a toung out side my door!!!

so i quitely set down my work and crept up to the door and with cydie behind me SWUNG IT OPEN in a flash (thinking ill have the elament of suprize) and maybe frighten off the rude intruder.

fully expecting some dirty ol man or some young gang banger. i was SHOCKED. just SHOCKED i tell ya to find a dirt coverd sticker poked and scrached up HOPLESS lookin over sized RABIT!!!!

wtf is he doing here?? i though as dan was sure to have sent him the memo NO EASTER GOODIES for the morgan kids this year. (as sence the behavor of said children this year)

hopless, disorented and definetly suprized to see me. he looked up at me from my door step with his grass green eyes.

and yes i took pitty on this poor hopless critter. his fur a mess his sore flopy feets and i think he even might have spring a ear bone...

after helping him up and a few bandages for his scraps. (cydie offerd her brush... with glee. as it was for once not being used on her) he was almost good as new.

i have never peronaly met Mr e. rabit. i only got the old forwards to all moms in the world. nothing differant then others. just yoru basic wornings of the C.R.O.W gang and up dates of the new things that year. like the time his butterflys ran out of food dyes and had to use wing dust for the frostings. or the time the goverment out lawed fur on cakes and they had to make a deal with the monkeys in hawii for specal shipments of coconut. or how his hens where on strike so it was gonna have to be plastic eggs that year. you know the normal memos.

we sat together for a wile, and as he told me of his woows we stuffed the plastic eggs with candy. poor poor bunny. guys its pitty full what he has to deal with every year. and this year seemed exspecaly harsh on our poor easter rabit. first off he chewed my butt for the messy yard. seems he triped over some ones stinky tennys out side the door as he was tryin to hop in the bed room window. and ended up getin tangled in a jump rope. when he fell i had no welcome mat so he scrached his nose on the cement. and my swingin open of the door cased his flopy ear to get hung up in the door jam. hence the spring ear bone. Shocked i was ashamed. and felt bad. but he wasnt mad at me but at the kids for not cleaning the yeard like mommy asked them to. how ever he was pleased to see they did have tiddy rooms this year.

from there he began to ramble on about the dramas at the mistic gardens. (thats where the bunny lives you know) he told me of the old days when it was green with fresh cabages and crisp carrots. "the best in the world" he said. and how all the veggies where packed full of vitamens and minerals. " you can lose 50 bls in only 2 months if you eat them" said mr e rabit. it was a secret he and the hens kept to them self. it was how they stayed trim and fit for there yearly work. i mean think of the MILLONS OF EGGS and HOMES they had to lay or deliver to. they needed a healty deit you know.

but that all changed when opra discoverd the secret of the gardens a few years ago. see he made a bisness agreement with her for a set amount of moneys to help with the cost of ribons and bows. on the baskits. but it truned sour when she rated off to the world her new veggie diet plan. and the demand was more then the bunny could suply. leavein mostly wal-mart scrach for his hens main meals.

to make matters worst the economics of the world to day has really put a pinch on a lot of our mistical critters. like santa and cupid. (yeah cupid too. didnt you wonder where all the love had whent this valintiens?? well he had to used a genaric brand of love postion for his arows,,, it didnt turn out soo good Sad )

well this year the leprecons are the ones makeing the trubble. seems their true color are starting to show. a envieus GREEN.

seems the leprecons call out rainbows to color the paints for the easter eggs. in trade the golden egg layin gooses offer a few eggs a year as payment. now the bunny has made sure the golden eggs did get deliverd. but the leprecons have gone MAD. they demand 50 more eggs a year now. they say that the rainbows will stop if the eggs dont come. and with the poor walmart scrach his gooses are eating the eggs are getin smaller. the leprecon king said " tis about time a wee change be happening here." seems they are green with envie as the bunny is more popular then the leprecons on st pattys day. less and less kids bleave in them any more. and more moms are tryin to catch them for wishes and gold (i plead the 5th Neutral ) and with all the new erben development there is no room left for the 4 leaf shamrocks. (a major sorce of there magic ) seems they drink sharmrock juice to get the power to call out the rainbows. ...........and because the bunny will not give up any of his mistic garden lands to farm the shamrock ........ well all cus of opras deal........................welll you see where this is heading im sure....................and for this the bunny shall pay.

he was forced to call in the old indean chiffs and their squaws to make natual paint pigments for his eggs this year. now he said they did the best they could and gatherd as much as they could. but where tired form a hard year of arow makeing for cupid. so the pigments where not as pure and bright as the rainbows colors. "WHAT IS A RABIT TO DO!!!" said mr e rabit.

but the hard times have done some good to he said. with all the hard times no one on his easter crew seems to worry much about lack of things of their oun. and all seem to have worked harder TOGETHER to make the ends meet. the hens have put together a "pettycoat shake" group. they sport eachother in dance 2x a day to help keep them inches off the rumps. ( a exersize party if you will ) this helps to keep the eggs comeing in high demand.

the lady bugs are a stronger force to be recon with in the gardens. they have takin up arms with small sharp thorns and sunflower seed shells and marched in to WAR with the the afids. keepin the crops safe of pest. they are takeing tactical lessons from Reggie Rooster. (mr e rabits head of the "C.I.A." chickens in action) so far so good.

the the duckys have started a water polo club with the gooses .. its a water sport to help trim down some of the fats so more golden eggs will be made for the paymnt to the leprecons.

the butter flys are workin on finding a way to fly with out dust on their wings so it can be used more eficantly in candies and cookies. to save on rainbow cost. and others are workin over time on cherning the butters for said cookies.

the blue birds are practicing thier singing for a more "hip hop" beat to work in. (this was a request by the hens petty coat group)

the rabit has asked for a advance on his alowance from mother nature her self. he said she is thinking about it. but is pretty sure he is her favorit. so bleaves she will give in soon.

so with any luck he will have this all pulled together by next year.......

SO LONG AS he dont have to spend to much on medical from MESSY YARDS AND BEDROOM injorys.

hehe this concludes this years easter report. HAPPY EASTER EVERY ONE. LOVE HUGS AND KISSES.


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2009 easter report Empty Re: 2009 easter report

Post by Deb on April 12th 2009, 5:47 pm

flower 2009 easter report BunnyDance That was cute and funny! Thanks for that and a very hippity hoppity Easter to all of you also! 2009 easter report ChocolateCrazy

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Post by Admin on April 14th 2009, 10:11 pm

I so love your stories lol happy easter to you Mommy

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2009 easter report Pbucket

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Post by tree68 on April 17th 2009, 7:50 am

aw aw aw i love your rabit story . . . so interesting ha ha who would think of such things like asking indian for natural colour stuff and the way the eggs are shrinking...

please keep this one in the "perserved (preserved?) stories" thread anna.

happy belated easter to you serina Embarassed Shocked Very Happy


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