british newspaper on Deaf community

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british newspaper on Deaf community

Post by tree68 on October 10th 2008, 7:53 am

The Guardian, a massive UK paper with 1217000 readers has done a special feature on the Deaf community. They have a Deaf reporter who works as a subeditor there, (Cathy Heffernan).

A hilarious clip of John Smith, Britain's esteemed Deaf Comedian can
be found here:

english newspaper... friend sent me by email...

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Re: british newspaper on Deaf community

Post by noend on October 10th 2008, 8:58 am

Thanks for posting that. That's some great stuff..I know exactly how it feels to be deaf. And I know how people reacts to it. I'm tone deaf. I can't hear high pitch sounds. Music sounds like just noise to me. of course most of it is just noise. lol. And some women's voices I can't understand. I can hear most every thing I just can't understand it.
If you're blind or crippled or something else that people can see they can accept it. But if you're deaf you're a freak. My girlfried has perfect hearing. sometimes when she has to repeat something 2 or 3 times she acts agitated, because she can't see how I couldn't understand her. It's to the point where I just ignore most of what she says. If I don't undertand her the first time I just let it go..

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