I miss this pup....

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I miss this pup....

Post by dv8_fx on April 12th 2008, 1:47 pm

It's been 8 hours since the German Shepard was taken by its owner. God , I miss that pup. Ever since he came a month ago, he kept me company thru the nite while in the computer room. I miss taking him out for his morning and evening walks. Such a good dog he is, such a good dog.

Here he is with us at the front porch saying our goodbyes to him .

Here he is with my daughter. She misses him, too.

Not out of anything... but over the years doing this, I've seen all the happy, tearful and sometimes crazy reactions between owner and pet reunions. Theirs was kinda cold - complete with angry look at their dog. And the way he was dragged into the van.... I never dragged him like that.... even when I first laid eyes on him.

My daughter's words still echo in my ears as she told the owners... "Be gentle and take good care of him, please"....

I hope they will.... IF NOT, GIVE HIM BACK. A dog like that doesn't deserve that treatment.

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Re: I miss this pup....

Post by Admin on April 13th 2008, 11:02 am

so sad I sure hope that they treat him well, he is a pretty boy.

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