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Its TAX TIme Empty Its TAX TIme

Post by Belair54 on January 27th 2008, 11:48 am

And I starting to compile my paperwork.
Does everyone have the same trepidation that I have regarding this time of the year.
Sweaty palms, irritable bowls, Shocked
Is this causing you to What a Face asunder at contemplation of the future bite affraid

I say that to say this, as a taxpayer we all fund a multitude of things across this country.
What do you consider as necessary projects or functions, worthy of expenditure of our tax dollars??? king

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Its TAX TIme Empty Re: Its TAX TIme

Post by Deb on January 27th 2008, 1:37 pm

I don't necessarily dread tax season. It really never was hard for me to do our taxes, even the long form with the farm. I just tend to procrastinate until I end up filing an extension, only because I don't sit myself down and just get them done.

I would like to see funding go towards illegal immigrants. Either in the form of making them legal so that they pay their fair share or towards sending them back home, if they don't agree with our country's views and don't wish to learn our country's language. They CHOOSE to come here because of what it is...don't expect to come here and change things to suit you. I would also like to see funding go towards some form of national health care. There are too many people trapped in a system of no health insurance (me being one of them). The ultra poor have it and the rich can afford it. Those in the middle are forgotten. Lastly, I would like to see this country start paying attention to itself, rather than what the rest of the world is doing. Let's find ways to bring manufacturing home. Let's build our economy the right letting everyone have a way and means to support themselves. Stop the over spending in other countries and bring the money back home. If I had wanted to donate my hard earned funds to a foriegn country...I would have moved there.

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