Off and Running (Planting)

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Off and Running (Planting) Empty Off and Running (Planting)

Post by Foghorn on April 8th 2013, 5:43 pm

Hey, we've got it going on now. Wink 3 rows of onions doing well. 3 rows of green beans (bush) mostly all above ground now. 3 is not necessarily my favorite number, but that's just where the onion sets and bean seed ran out.

Tilled more of the garden this afternoon and just returned from the feed store with one dozen tomato plants and six jalapeno pepper plants. Also, have bell pepper seed planted inside and okra seed sprouting. We'll quit when we run out of room. lol!


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Off and Running (Planting) Empty Re: Off and Running (Planting)

Post by Deb on April 9th 2013, 2:10 am

Congrats! With GMOs, it is almost necessary to grow your own. I had to drive 350 miles, round trip, for an interview today. It is on the other side of the cascades, up by is in warmer weather that allows for growing a normal garden. No more high altitude or desert parched earth. I hope I get the will be fun to grow pretty things and yummy things again!

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