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Post by WildCherry on November 14th 2008, 12:27 pm

lmao readin all this chicken stuff makes me miss my chickens and birds..... but also brings back many funny memorys of them.......

one was the C I A chicken flock......


lol i recall one morning waking up to not a feather to be found. not one bird. normaly they woudl be scrachin around in the back yard and the roo in my window cell crowing to wake me up for the morning feeding and colfee shareing.

but i wake up to silance..... no roo... no scrachin. no cluckin NO CHICKENS in my yard.....

yeah i panic i admit it.... haveing just lost some chicks a week earlyer to a preditor (think crow or raven) and now NO CHICKENS IN MY YARD.......

very sadly i called out the window to my ladys. to wich i got NO REPLY....

so i got dressed made my colfee and sucked up my guts to look for evadance of the missing birds. fully expecting ot find tracks lose feathers and maybe some deaths....

as i walk out my back yard. it was a half acer yard the coop was in teh back under the only tree we had at the time.

soooo i slowly walked lookin closly at the ground for any signs of tracks...... i seen nothing unuseual at all really.

but as i got closer to the coop i noticed the ground tour up. many little piles of soil....... ???? odd whernt thre the day befor im sure of it. maybe a possem? or some other kind of rodent preditor??

a few more steps and "beak" was her name comes walkin out from behind the coop. OMG THANK YOU one little hen of the gomer left. so i called to her. she looks over and come runin up to me.....

as her little feets pitter pater over the ground........ and her bockin calls to me......

FLUFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! PUFFS OF DESERT SANDS AND MOVEING PILES OF DIRT....... and POP out come one little head form a hole........ pop out is yet anohter...... POP POP POP POP.....

full head count all 23 other birds peekin up out of holes in the yard.

LMAO they had all got the bright idea at one time to barry them selfs in the sand that night LMAO and not in tell i walked out did they come out of their "fox holes" lmao

didnt take much time for them to all be runing and hop flyin to me for their morning feeding and colfee. LMAO .........

story of the C I A lol


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Post by Deb on November 14th 2008, 1:23 pm

Thank goodness you didn't step on any of them!!!!!! How cute!

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