Tips = Your Lawn and Lawn Mower = winter

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Tips = Your Lawn and Lawn Mower = winter

Post by tree68 on October 28th 2008, 4:26 am

7 Tips for Getting Your Lawn and Lawn Mower
Ready for Winter

1. Lower your lawn mower blade. Over the summer you
probably had your mower blade raised up pretty high,
but before winter you want to get your grass cut down
lower so the lawn gets good air circulation and you don't
get snow mold.

2. Sharpen your mower blade. Having a sharp mower
blade isn't super important right now, but come spring
and summer you want that blade sharp so it cuts the
grass and doesn't tear it leaving jagged edges to turn
brown. Don't make the blade razor sharp or it will dull

3. Change the oil in your mower and grease all fittings
and lubricate all moving parts. Especially cables that
slide inside of housings. They can rust up over with winter
and not work correctly next season.

4. Replace the spark plug in your mower and check
the belts for cracks and frayed edges. Make sure
all moving parts work freely, but without a lot of play.

5. Check your lawn for grubs. With a spade cut a right
angle into your lawn and try and pull back the sod. If it
pulls up easily, check the soil closely for white Japanese
Beetle Grubs.

6. Look for signs of skunks or other animals digging in
your lawn. Look for mole tunnels or areas that seemed raised
and squishy. If you have moles or skunks feeding on your
lawn you probably have an infestation of Japanese Beetle
Grubs. See this article for more info:

7. Look for any bare areas in your lawn and scratch those
areas loose with a 4 tine garden cultivator and re seed the
bare areas. Always use the same grass seed blend that
is currently in your lawn. If you don't know what the blend
is, make sure you buy a high quality blend of at least four
different types of grass seed for your climate.

Have a great week!
-Mike McGroarty

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