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Hosta by Mike McGroarty

Post by tree68 on September 9th 2008, 7:17 am

How and When to Divide Hosta

If you've got Hosta that are growing so tightly that the
center of the plants has died out, it's time to divide them.

Division is a simple plant propagation technique that is
exactly as it sounds. You dig the plant up and divide
the root ball into multiple pieces. This technique only
works with plants that have multiple crowns emerging
from the ground. Most perennials fall into this category,
flowering shrubs and trees do not.

If you have Hosta that you would like to divide, you can
do so now, about 30 days before they go dormant. That
way the soil is still warm enough for the new divisions to
establish some new roots before winter.

Or you can wait until spring. Just wait for the plant to
start growing. As the new growth just starts to emerge
divide them then, not after the new growth opens up
with leaves. Once they produce leaves it's best to wait
until fall.

To divide them simply dig up the root ball and with your
spade cut the root ball into multiple pieces. Replant the
pieces. It's as simple as that.

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