How to Grow Japanese Red Maples from Seed

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How to Grow Japanese Red Maples from Seed

Post by tree68 on July 21st 2008, 11:58 pm

How to Grow Japanese Red Maples from Seed

patty, this year it looks like there is going to be a
bumper crop of Japanese Red Maple seeds for you to
choose from.

Japanese Red Maples are a lot easier to grow from seed
than you think. But you have to trick the seeds so they
germinate right away. I have detailed instructions on my
web site. See this page for details and a video:

As you drive around start looking for Japanese Red Maple
trees that you can collect some seeds from. Around here
they are everywhere. Parks, cemeteries, office buildings,
and private yards. Just make sure you ask permission first
so you don't get into trouble!

Our backyard growers buy Japanese Red Maples for as little
as $1.35 each, grow them a few years and sell them for as
much as $45.00. They really are popular plants.

Learn how to grow them yourself from seed. Read the
instructions and watch the video here:

(more personal stuff about Mike and Pam)

Have a great week!
-Mike McGroarty

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