Albany Village - where i got my first chicks from...

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Albany Village - where i got my first chicks from... Empty Albany Village - where i got my first chicks from...

Post by tree68 on May 19th 2008, 7:24 pm

I was saddened to hear this news last week . . .

this village of funny little old shops on the main road with a huge park nearby fringed with plenty of trees and there's a children's playground nearby. families with children often go there to feed chooks ...

in the five years the changes were huge - changing a supermarket into a block of apartments - some shops modernised - an empty spot filled with small building of apartments... i knew this would not be in the chooks and many unwanted roosters' favour.

gradually i see less and less of chooks walking around picking up crumbs from grounds near people eating their lunches.

16 years ago two of my deaf girlfriends went there and looked for chooks sitting on eggs. one made friends with two big hens sitting on eggs. they managed to get two cardboard boxes and put them in to take them home... 20 eggs altogether.

they all hatched . . . omg - their reaction was shock - every egg hatched! they realised - too many! one says she doesn't want those five chicks in box with a lamp were rejected by two mothers... was thinking of putting them back to that village.

I said, "oh no they are too young to go - let me have those...". they turned out to be beautiful chooks - one is a silkie cross Fluffy, one is like a homely teapot Smoky, two were beautiful and colourful roosters with rose combs and last was a very inquisistive gold with black tail with a silkie top Goldie. i was truly and well hooked since.

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