day befor payday DOGS

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day befor payday DOGS Empty day befor payday DOGS

Post by WildCherry on March 26th 2008, 4:06 pm

now when i first seen a friend make this i thought OMG HOW NASTY!!! but i got the guts to try it and now its like OMG WHEN IS THE NEXT DAY BEFOR PAYDAY!!

youll need hot dogs cut in long ways in strips and in 4ths
some jack cheese
and corn tortillas

lightly fry your corn tortillas in vegie oil. jsut so they are plyable. then place 1 strip of hot dog and a slice of jack cheese.

fold in half and pin with a tooth pick. and then refri them in the vegie oil just tell the cheese starts to try to come out the sides.

pull them out and drain off extra oil. let them cool and serve. OMG MAJOR GUBBAGE HERE MAN I TELL YA.


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