Real Chicken Soup

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Real Chicken Soup

Post by WildCherry on March 26th 2008, 3:20 pm

for this youll need ALL DAY. and is 100% sure to clear out a stuffy nose

you need
1 hole chicken
20 or so full bulbs of garlic
4 large oinons
salt to tast
pepper to tast
baby carots
and maybe if you feel like it some rice. i say rice and not noodles cuz rice is easer on the tummy. and will hold up longer then noodles. as they get mushy and yucky after a wile.

any way. in a large pot add in your hole chicken onions and ALLL garlic. (peeled of course) and cover it all with water.

leave it on med tep for at lest 4 hours.(addin waters as needed) then pull out your chicken. and set a side to cool.(chicken shoud be fallin apart so be sure to get all bones and grisle out of the pot too.) but keep the pot on the stove. chop up more oinons and garlic and add to pot with carots and cerlery. let them cook tell tender.

when the bird is cool. you shred the meat off the bones. very careful not to get any bones or grisle. place all the meat back in the pot.

now this is important when makeing chicken soup. you need to use the skin and fat. chop the skin and fat up as best you can in small tinny little bits. and add back to the pot.

let all this simmer a bit and then add in your rice. about 2 cups. when the rice is tender then your soup is done and ready to serve.

you can use this soup up to 3 days if you put it back in the frig right a way after serveing. about as long as the worst part of any cold stands.


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