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Post by WildCherry on March 26th 2008, 3:04 pm

This one is fun fast and uses up all your mexican left overs.

2large bags of corn chips. (if ya really want to be super cool. get daretos"
2bl hamberger /toco seasoning
spanish rice
pinto beans
sour cream
gwackamolie ( sorry cant spell so you will have to use winnie the poo skills here)
green chillys
and any thing else you can think of beside the kitchen skink. found that to be a bit crunchy and not good on the teeth.

in a LARGE rosting pan. like one you use for your turkeys. place in the chips and pile every thing else on top. except vegies that wilt. top with lots of cheese. and place in a 300% ish oven. ( PLEASE TAKE NOTE TO COOK YOUR HAMBERGER WITH SEASONING FIRST BEFOR PILEIN IT ON YOUR CHIPS)
Any ways.. bake it tell the cheese is melted and all topins are hot. about 20 min max. you dont want burt cheese just stringy.

pull it out and add youer maters letus salsa sour cream guackamolie ect ect ect. and more cheese.

now for the fun. you need a family with fresh washed hands and lots of papper towles.

just set the HOLE pan in the mid of the family table. and dig in... YUMMY and no dinner dishes Smile


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Post by Admin on March 26th 2008, 11:55 pm

man I want to come and eat at your house lol

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and no one gets hurt


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